Getting The World To Know About Christ

Life is hard enough without an extra friend to talk to. I have always used Christ as my friend in hard times. When I was younger I had no clue about our loving Father. I did what I chose to do and never worried about anything such as death and anything that would happen to me if I passed from this earth. I mostly worried about what my friends were doing and would they always be my forever friends?

Life is very short if you just think about it for a moment. When we were younger we thought we have forever to enjoy our time here on earth. As I have grown older it seems just like my childhood was not that long ago. Like the bible says-Your life is like a vapor. So very true. We do have to enjoy our time on earth, but always know that there will be in a happier time when we pass away and receive our greatest gift of heaven. You must be ready and have been forgiven for your sins and ask God into your life to receive this beautiful gift. I am amazed how much better my life is since I received God into it. I always have someone to talk to and lean on when times are hard.

Being a child of God’s does not make me better than anyone else. I try not to judge my fellow man or woman. God is the only one to judge them and he doesn’t do that. He loves us all the same. If you ask for guidance and have faith you will receive your answer. Prayer is one of the strongest things on this earth. If you do not Know God, it’s easy to just pray and ask him into your heart. He is a very forgiving God. He knows we all make mistakes and sin daily. No one is a saint here on earth and he knows that. He will be your forever friend in times of need. Life is so much better for me since I accepted HIM into my life.

As a christian we are suppose to tell and teach other non believers about our heavenly father. I fall short on this daily. I would love to be able to travel the world and spread his beautiful words for all to hear. Hopefully one day I can travel and enjoy life and bring my fellow man or woman to Christ. It’s a blessing to all that find him. My life is so much better because of him. Please know HE loves us all no matter what!



Reminiscing about childhood years.

Thinking back about all the things I did while growing up today. My grandmother played a big part in my childhood memories. Her name was Gladys and she had the most beautiful smile and joyful heart. I was her first born grandchild, so naturally I was special in her eyes. She also had a son (my uncle) that was younger than myself. Growing up I spent most evening after school and all of the weekends at her house. She lived next door, which was down through the pasture from my parents home. My grandparents had a large farm and summers was always filled with picking vegetables and canning for the winter months. There was always watermelons and cantaloupes fresh from the garden that we enjoyed on the hot summer evenings under the huge willow tree, with the wind blowing a cool breeze by. Everyday she baked some kind of sweets, cakes, cookies or pies. I can almost smell the scent as I think back of myself sitting there eating at her old rustic dining table. My grandmother was a shy lady to most anyone outside of our family. When visitors showed up to visit her home, She always said “Come on in and could I get you something to eat or drink?’ My dear grandmother had 7 children and loved each one as much as the other, never making a difference between them. She still had 3 sons at home so naturally I got picked on daily. I totally became a rough and tough girl and If it got to bad she would always step up and say-hey leave her alone! I ┬ácannot remember her ever getting upset with me. We just got each other and our love for each other was the best. She was never a wealthy lady but come Christmas time everyone got a gift from her. It might not have been a big gift but they got something. I look back and I think she must have started her Christmas shopping in January because by the time I was ten she had twelve grandchildren. I am truly glad I had her in my life because it gave my life meaning. Without her I would have been lost and my life would have not been a pleasant one. God knew what he was doing when he gave us each other. She taught me so much about life in her own way. Church was a very big part of her life. I’m very happy that she insisted I go with her. I didn’t have many dresses for church (That’s what we wore to church back in the late 60’s and early 70’s) so she would sew me a dress together or find me a cheap one in town for church service. I can still see her raising her hand up to praise our Lord during those services. When I was very young I didn’t understand it but as I grew older and found God myself I got the true meaning of her spiritual display. She never gave bad advise and I still remember the last advise she gave me. I was visiting her on a Sunday evening in November with my baby boy. My sweet Grandmother says to me “Raise him up right. God gave him to you and his dad so teach him about God and pray daily.” That would be the last words of advise I would receive from my dear sweet grandmother. She passed away the next morning while making breakfast for my grandfather at the age of 59. Gone but never forgotten. I long for the day I see her sweet face again.Always tell the people in your life how much you love them because there might not be another day.